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Tune up slow computer

If you can make yourself a sandwich while your computer is loading a web page, it may be time for a tune up. Here are other symptoms to look for:

Slow navigation speeds
Long startup or shutdown times

Sometimes a tune-up may not be enough as your computer may be affected with a virus. Here's what to look for if you think your computer has a virus:

Computer is acting on its own
Computer is not responding
Slow performance
Slow startup
Computer crashes
Files are missing
Disks or disk drives are not accessible
Additional and unfamiliar files have appeared
Printer issues
Unusual error messages
Constant pop-ups
Re-routing to undesired sites

Time is precious, so let's stop wasting it!


This plan can be combined with other plans we offer; in that case price of the other service you opt will be added too. Depending upon other services you opt, the validity of this service may vary from one time support to 1-year support.
Please refer to the sales invoice you receive to know what all your paying for and for how long you are covered. Also, different operating systems and brands require different set of skills so price may differ brand to brand as well.