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Repair and Troubleshoot Computer

Is your computer displaying some of the symptoms below? Is it just not acting right? No matter what the issue is, we are here to help.

Frequent Windows Errors

Problems in Windows after installing a new software
Invalid page default
Fatal exception error
Runtime error
Divide error
msgsrv32 issues
Programs stop responding
Computer starts without warning
Computer turns off without warning
Computer freezes or stops responding
Missing Microsoft Windows .dll files
Not valid win32 application
Windows blue screen error

Frequent Ios Errors

Issues with video on internal or external displays
Blue or Grey Screen on startup
Persistent beach ball
Kernel panics
Display isn't working or is distorted


This plan can be combined with other plans we offer; in that case price of the other service you opt will be added too. Depending upon other services you opt, the validity of this service may vary from one time support to 1-year support.
Please refer to the sales invoice you receive to know what all your paying for and for how long you are covered. Also, different operating systems and brands require different set of skills so price may differ brand to brand as well.